El Santuario de Chimayo / Chimayo Sanctuary

When I thought of what to write you about Chimayo, it was so hard to put into words. Others have written about Chimayo online as an epic spiritual point first for the Native Americans and then later the Spaniards took over this particular area and built an adobe church over this point. Other websites also go in depth about the history and that is probably more cohesive. In terms of this post, we thought the easiest way was photo journal it, because assessing a place of spiritual power verbally isn't our strongest forte. Visually you can interpret how you would like to and what you can take out of this. <3
Our journey began by taking a road from Santa Fe that passed through Nambe, New Mexico. It goes directly into Taos and I highly recommend visiting Chimayo that way. This area is the start of the Sangre de Christo mountains. It is where the Rocky Mountains begin on their upward climb through the American West. Splendor is everywhere here. The terrain begins somewhat flat and then turns into desert hills and canyons. A lot of curvature on this road, it will leave you breathless. It's surprising when you see Chimayo in the distance as you wind down towards it, because there in the middle this dusty landscape you just see a valley covered in trees. So you get the feeling something special is going on in this valley before you step foot on it.
People come from everywhere to Chimayo as it is believed to be the North American version of Lourdes in France. People come to be cured and to take away blessed dirt from within the church that exists in this tiny, tiny room as soon as you walk in (no pictures are allowed within the church). In this tiny room there is a small hole in the ground full of dirt that people who visit can take away for use. It's quite a vision. Crutches from those who have been healed line the entry way. If you believe or don't, the thing you take away from Chimayo is that the power of thought is incredible and that maybe miracles happen because the strength of belief is really that powerful. The visual tone extrapolates on that.  Everywhere you look at Chimayo there is evidence that someone somewhere, real people, are hoping. Seeing wishes everywhere was incredibly moving. In every nook and cranny. In the times that we live in now when we are recieving constant messaging trying to get across that we don't have hope or how hope doesn't really exist, it was gratifying to know that somewhere in the middle of the desert there is a valley full of it. We strongly recommend a stop to Chimayo if you are in Santa Fe, Taos, or both.

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Thank you for this reminder of the beauty and power and peaceful strength in humans. This area is one of my healing areas and it has been too long – I will come soon to soak in heavenly waters.

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