1970s Labradorite Ring

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1970s Labradorite Ring in a sterling silver setting with beautiful glowing labradorite cabochon. Size 8. Sourced in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A stone of magic, Labradorite encourages self-awareness of inner spirit, psychic ability, and intuition. Dimensional abilities that are hidden beneath what is seen in the everyday world. Labradorite is a protector stone in the mineral kingdom. Shielding the aura and is supreme for exploring various consciousness levels and enhancing visions, both future and past. A perfect stone for creativity and carving spiritual destiny. 

Element: Wind / Vibration Number: 6 & 7 / Chakra: Third Eye, Crown 

Ring Size: 8
Weight: 3.5 grams
Decade : 1970s
Materials: Labradorite / Sterling Silver
Condition: Perfect
Country of Origin : U.S.A. / Santa Fe, New Mexico