1970s Malachite Bobole Ring

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1970s Malachite Bobole Ring set in sterling silver.  A large banded Malachite cabochon in tonal greens sits in minimalist setting of Mexican .925 silver. Size 9. 

The stone of transformation, it calls to mind the ushering of spring in a spiritual sense. Ruling the heart, throat, and third eye chakras, the is a stone that highlights healing and forward momentum. Opens up the heart and cuts unwanted ties and habits. Enables better processing of information and aids in dreaming. 
Malachite absorbs negative energy allowing for healing to take center stage and miss with letting go of the past. Ideal for healing the female reproductive system and eases child birth. Aids in the release of toxins, helps kidney function, and supports the immune system. Functions as an attractor for money and is an amplifier.  

Element: Jupiter / Vibration Number: 9 / Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Ring Size: 8 
Weight: 3.7 grams
Height is 4mm
Decade : 1970s
Country of Origin : Mexico / Taxco