Bichet Crystalline Glaze Porcelain Vase

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Bichet Crystalline Glaze Porcelain Vase c. 1970s. Part of our new collection of crystalline glaze vintage pieces created when Grolleg kaolin is handcrafted and fired at 2400 degrees. The glaze becomes liquid at the temperature and in the cooling stage, a nucleus of the crystal is formed. Placed in the kiln again, each piece is fired for 12 hours while crystals grown on the glaze.

Each piece and crystal form are a unique creation during the second firing process and no two are the same. Check out our collection of crystalline glaze ceramics during Spring 2018 in our objects section. 

Decade : 1970s
Dimensions : 7" x 5"
Condition : Flawless
Country of Origin : England