El Dorado Ruby Vermeil Ring

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Vintage El Dorado Ruby Vermeil Ring from the late 1970s. A modernist take on antiquity and an easy stacking piece made out of 18k yellow gold vermeil and .925 sterling silver with six ruby stones measuring 1ct. Size 8.  

Based on "Red Ray" energy, the ruby is filled energy that guides the wearer with love and purity ruling the root chakra. Actively stimulating the base chakra, increasing vitality and life force. The base, or root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine, and controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. Since this stone activates Kundalini energy, it has been used for centuries in wedding rings as fertility charms. A "seeker transformer" stone that contains a crystal energy structure that aligns the natural energy of the crystal to the natural power of the human mind to find the way to new horizons and new capabilities.
As a power stone, it shields from psychic attacks, uplifts negative self esteem, and bad energy. One of the most important gems on the earthly plane, it is often called the "Queen of Stones" and the vibration of the ruby reinforces the emotional heart. The ruby oversees bliss, passion, and prosperity. A reason why why the ruby has been a royal favorite throughout time. An energy amplifier that aids focus and wisdom. 

Element: Earth / Vibration Number: 3 / Chakra: Heart, Root 

Size: 8
Weight: 5.8 grams
Decade : 1970s
Country of Origin : U.S.A / Santa Fe, New Mexico