Sculptural Amber and Taxco Silver Ring

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A 1980s Oversized Amber Sculptural Taxco Silver Ring from Mexico. A modernist setting with silver overlay at the left side. Size 7.5. 

Since amber is not a stone, but rather fossilized resin, it contains life force within. A resin that promotes healing and remove negative energy. Great for healing depression. Amber also promotes fertility and is a perfect stone for the birthing process. Ruling the Solar Plexus chakra it is a great stone for the Leo birth month. Increases creative self-expression and mental clarity as well. The healing properties of Amber have an effect on the kidneys, liver, and helps with throat issues. 

Shot at the Dwan Light Sanctuary. Montezuma, New Mexico and Skyspace by James Turrell at the University of Texas at Austin

Element: Sun / Vibration Number: 3 / Chakra: Solar Plexus

Diameter : 2 inches x .75 inches
Weight: 4.2 grams
Decade : 1980s
Country of Origin : Mexico